September 1st, 2023

Year-Round Shelter Solutions for the PNW Ranch, Farm, and Homestead

When it comes to providing shelter for your livestock, one size doesn’t fit all. We understand that each property can have its own limitations and challenges: power/water access, terrain, soil composition, fencing, access, grazing space, etc. Finding the right shelter solution can make all the difference in your livestock’s health and comfort, plus it’s a game changer when you’re the one out feeding in 100* heat or -10* below and sideways snow! 

Livestock farming is a diverse and dynamic enterprise regardless of herd size. From dairy cows to sheep, goats to horses, and everything in between, each species and animal has distinct needs. Pasture personalities play a huge role in shelter selection, and geographical locations and crazy PNW weather patterns have to be considered as well!

  1. Cattle: For larger livestock like cattle, spacious shelters with sturdy frames are essential. Our Loafing Sheds and Chow Hall model shelters are fan favorites among those with multiple head. The Loafing Sheds are great space for calving and weather protection year-round. The 10’x27′ and 10’x29′ Chow Hall models are a great setup for feeding 10-12 at a time and they make small/large bale feeding a breeze.
  2. Horses: Horses’ personalities are a huge factor in shelter style! Sometimes all that’s needed is a divided Bunkhouse and a couple of feed windows to keep the peace during feeding time. When the pecking order isn’t as forgiving, fully enclosed barns with paddock runs may be necessary. Fortunately, we have tall shelters to accommodate big horses and sturdy modifications to accommodate big attitudes!
  3. Sheep and Goats: Smaller livestock thrive in shelters designed with an understanding of their flocking behavior. Consider customized layouts with multiple entrances and exits to minimize crowding. Another huge consideration with small livestock is predator protection, which is the perfect job for Double Dutch doors on the Ranch House.

Addressing Unique Environmental Conditions Across the Pacific Northwest:

  1. Extreme Heat: Shade becomes critical, especially in July and August in the PNW. During this season the Ready-to-Ship models don’t stay on the inventory lot for long.
  2. Heavy Snowfall: For areas prone to heavy snow, shelters must be designed to withstand snow loads. With the backing of our partner engineer, we can confidently say we have your critters safely housed in snow loads from 60PSF – 100PSF+.  Give our sales team a shout if you’d like help locating your local building code or to find out more about our custom snow load packages.
  3. High Winds: In windy areas, shelters should be positioned with the back wall to the prevailing wind direction. Reinforced anchoring systems can ensure stability and we recommend the Duckbill style anchors to make sure your shelter stays put!
  4. Rain and Humidity: Regions with high rainfall or humidity require shelters with good drainage systems and heavy-duty materials. A little grading can go a long way to ensure you’re not mucking mud in a rainstorm. We suggest an oil-based stain to protect the siding and create a moisture-resistant barrier to prevent molding and warping of your siding.

Sometimes building to order is not a luxury but a necessity. At Palouse Ranches, we are dedicated to providing tailored shelter solutions that address your livestock’s unique needs and the specific challenges posed by your environment. Contact us today to discuss how we can create the perfect shelter for your farm. Your livestock will thank you for it!

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