March 28th, 2022

Fix vs. Portable: Which Livestock Shelter Is Better?

When it comes to owning livestock, your animals tend to graze along the pasture throughout the day. But, when colder weather and long nights arrive, they’ll need somewhere safe and warm to stay happy and healthy. Building a shelter for them is an ideal solution. Use this quick guide on how to know if fixed or portable livestock shelters are better to help you make your decision.

Fixed Shelter

A fixed shelter will do a lot of good for keeping your livestock safe. Fixed shelters can handle storms and come in many different shelter styles. Understanding different barn styles will help you figure out how to know if fixed or portable livestock shelters are better for your farm animals.

Pros and Cons

One of the best parts of having a stationary shelter is that it handles unexpected weather conditions and has a stable foundation. It’s less like going to fall over and offers protection for your livestock from rain, snow, hail, and windstorms.

Some cons of fixed shelters are a lack of grass preservation and the risk of predator interaction. If you have a large array of livestock species in fixed shelters, predators will eventually work through foundations and gate systems to access your animals. Additionally, the longer your livestock resides on a single section of land, the more effort you have to put in for grass preservation and maintenance.

Portable Shelter

Compared to fixed shelters, portable livestock shelters make it easy to relocate your animals, make cleaning easier, and keep your livestock safe. However, there are some hindrances regarding owning a portable shelter to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons

As previously mentioned, portable shelters make for easy sanitation and cleanup. Parasites tend to feed on livestock and spread rapidly in shared livestock locations. Relocation makes parasite or vermin prevention and management quick and effortless. Additionally, it reduces predator pressure, creates a natural fertilizer system, and allows more grass growth.

However, portable shelters offer less protection and stability from outside elements. Also, because you’re moving your shelters around regularly, you’ll have to keep up with the maintenance of the structure. These repairs include providing additional support beams, fixing loose screws, and touching up damage.

When it comes time to pick between the two shelter styles, consider your time and budget. The goal is to make sure your livestock is happy, healthy, and cared for.

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