May 14th, 2024

Selecting Your Stall Size: Housing Horses & More

At Palouse Ranches, we understand the importance of providing safe and comfortable accommodations for our farm friends. When it comes to horses, stall size matters, and we talk about it a lot!

We often field the questions: “How easy is it to assemble one of these kits? Are they difficult to put together? Do they come in 12′ deep?” Well, here’s the scoop: No kits, no on-site contractors. Our shelters and barns show up ranch-ready, fully assembled, straight off the truck. Yes, you read that right – we deliver your shelters and barns fully built, right down the highway. Now, while this convenience is unmatched, it does mean we have size limitations for transportation. To keep costs down for our customers, we construct our stalls just under the “oversized load” depth set on most highways. Our standard stall size, measuring 10′ deep by 12′ long (with exterior dimensions of 10’7″ deep by 12’7″ long exterior), provides ample space for most horses. This photo shows just how much room a 16HH quarter horse has in a standard stall. Photo courtesy of one of our Pasture Partners, Shawna!

For those with draft horses or mare and foal pairs, we’ve still got you covered. Purchase a two-stall or larger setup and enjoy a spacious 10’x24′ area by omitting the dividing wall. You can also opt for a tongue & groove divider, which is removable seasonally if needed. And if our standard sizes don’t quite meet your needs, fear not – we offer custom stall sizes, including 12’x12′ or 12’x24′. Just give our sales team a call, and we’ll work with you to create a custom build and transport quote tailored to your specifications.

What about run-in space? My farm friends like to share: 

In addition to stalls, we offer run-in style shelters, such as our 10’x20′ loafing shed, ideal for accommodating two or three standard-sized horses seeking refuge from the weather. You can even add a 3′ front awning to provide more shade in the summer or wet weather protection in the winter.

And don’t worry – our 10’x12′ spaces are just as suitable for a single horse or two, or a few smaller critters like cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, donkeys, pigs, and more!

If you’re considering a shared space for your horses, it’s essential to understand their social dynamics. Opting for longer rather than wider shelters can help prevent dominance issues, while setting up feeding areas outside of shelters can minimize territorial behavior.

Contact us today to find the perfect shelter for your animals. We offer a range of options to ensure your equine & livestock’s well-being. Check our selection of basic lean-tos to expansive modular barns. With our expertise, we’ll help you select the perfect fit for all the animals on your farm.

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