February 16th, 2022

Why You Need Farm Shelters for Your Farm Animals

While cattle may spend most of their time on the range, there are situations where they need proper coverage and protection from harsh weather and environmental hazards. When you add farm shelters to your land, they provide the necessary ventilation, all-day shading, and an ample supply of their water and feed.

So, let’s go over why you need farm shelters for your farm animals. A proper cover will provide sanctuary for your cattle on a hot day. Not only will it keep your livestock healthy and happy, but it will also improve your working conditions.

Protection From Weather Ailments

The worst thing you can do with your livestock is not having a safe space for them to avoid snowstorms, rainfall, and extreme temperatures. As a result of being left out, your livestock can become stressed and fall ill.

So, one of the reasons why you need farm shelters for your farm animals is to provide them protection against unfavorable weather conditions. Livestock kept under shelter often requires less feed to maintain physical health than living off the land.

Provides Livestock a Place To Cool Off

The sun can become a significant villain during the summer months, as it can cause the body to overheat and become sunburnt. It’s the same way for livestock on your farm, as they can become victims of excessive sun exposure. Ideally, a cattle’s ideal ambient temperature ranges between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, there are other things to consider, such as humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, access to water, and diet. If livestock doesn’t have the necessary protection from the sun, they can suffer greatly.

Better Young Lamb and Calf Survival

With the livestock producing multiple offspring, giving them necessary protection will help keep their babies happy and thriving. Newborn calves and lambs on your farms tend to remain the most vulnerable to hypothermia in their early lives, so having a shelter is a no-brainer.

Secondly, it’ll allow for heavily pregnant animals a chance to destress and relax without being unfavorably stuck outdoors. Lastly, it’ll make access to livestock equipment easier as your little calves and lambs need checkups and nutrients during their early development.

Giving your livestock somewhere to relax that withstands many hurdles will help reduce worry and stress. So, take the time to provide the necessary shelters your livestock deserves to help them thrive.

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