February 3rd, 2023

Guidelines for Run-In Shed Placement on Your Farm

Guidelines for Run-In Shed Placement on Your Farm

You’re likely reading this because you are in the process of acquiring a run-in shed and are trying to decide where it will reside. Any non-farmer might assume you can place a barn wherever you want or in a place that’s easy to access. But you know that’s not the case, as an improper barn placement can have your animals rarely, if ever, using it. As such, you’ll likely want to know some of the best guidelines to follow for run-in shed placement on your farm.


One of the biggest mistakes you want to avoid is putting your shed directly in the face of strong and prevailing winds. Your animals can easily become stressed and sick when they consistently have to deal with forceful winds. That’s why it helps to ensure your barn is in a south-facing position, as most prevailing winds originate from the north. Moreover, a south-facing barn gives your animals steady access to the sun throughout the day, which will help keep them warm.

Proper Drainage

Of course, it’s obvious why no farmer would want to place their barn in an area that has inconsistent drainage, as it can lead to injury and illness. A guideline you should follow when deciding on the placement of your run-in shed on your farm is to choose a spot with good drainage.

Look for sites on your farm that carry water away from your run-in shed rather than toward it. A site with good drainage will have shallow ditches. It’s also a good idea to place your shed on slightly elevated land.

Solid Footing

Before you place your shed, you must prepare the ground to ensure your animals will have solid footing. You might consider removing around eight inches of soil and filling that gap with gravel and stone dust. Doing this will help with drainage and adequately prepare the ground so your animals can have proper footing.

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