February 1st, 2022

Run-In Horse Sheds vs. Barn Stalls: What Is the Difference?

Horse properties require preparation and maintenance to keep livestock happy and healthy. You must consider fencing size and material, acreage, and arenas when moving them to a new property. Deciding between a spacious barn and horse stalls or run-in horse sheds can become frustrating if you don’t know the difference.

So, what is the difference between run-in horse sheds and barn stalls? Both come with advantages and disadvantages, depending on where you reside. Shelters need to protect your horses against the sun, snow, and rain, all while allowing enough room to keep them comfortable. Comparing the two will help you make a better decision in the future.

Run-In Horse Sheds

Run-in sheds come with many benefits. They allow the horses to roam free, which gives them extra exercise and improves their moods. Additionally, run-in sheds require less cleaning than barn stalls—they only need a few cleanings a week and daily water and food changes. Lastly, horse sheds cost significantly less than barn stalls, and some shelters, like a cattle shed on skids, are quite easy to relocate.

One of the downsides, however, is the risk of harsh weather. During intense weather such as cold weather storms, horse stalls provide more protection. Additionally, keeping horses separated can become harder with a shed, as they love to socialize.

Barn Stalls

Barn stalls often hold livestock, especially horses, divided into separate stalls for each animal you house. They help regulate feeding efficiently and keep your animals on a schedule. Occasionally, a horse may have a monitored diet due to medical conditions. Keeping that horse in a barn stall makes it easier to feed them the specific diet they need. Additionally, having separate barn stalls allows for more accessible storage for feed, tack, and cleaning equipment while keeping recovering horses away from the healthy ones.

However, barn stalls do come with some downsides. One of the disadvantages is that they require more cleaning and attention. Barn floors need daily cleaning, and horses regularly relieve themselves throughout the day. So, consistent cleaning of the barn and horses is necessary. Additionally, horses have a higher risk of illness if they don’t get outside for fresh air.

Final Thoughts

The difference between run-in horse sheds and barn stalls comes down to affordability and convenience. You should also consider potential relocation, the number of animals you own, and how much property you have. If you don’t mind working with your hands constantly, a barn will work better for you. However, if you prefer a more manageable routine, a shed might be the better option.

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