Terms & Conditions

If you’d like to print these terms and conditions for your files, a PDF copy is available here. This page also contains information on our industry-leading 5-year frame warranty. For help, please call 1-833-477-7433 or email info@palouseranches.com

Production Time

All Palouse Ranches products are made to order. Lead times are subject to change based on current production load. Our team works hard to build products in a timely manner; however, supply-chain interruptions, engineering reviews, permit approvals, and material delays may create longer wait times out of our control.


The pipe and wood used in our products purchased are not treated. Service life is based on the deterioration of the materials used. Wet weather conditions may cause iron oxide discoloration on boards. We recommend sealing the lumber on your shelter with an oil based product. Water based treatments may cause additional discoloration; however, this discoloration has no effect on structural integrity.


All Palouse Ranches products are delivered by contracted drivers. Delivery scheduling is subject to the driver’s schedule, current weather,  road conditions, and road restrictions due to holidays, construction, etc. In the winter, delivery may be delayed due to the closure of passes and unsafe hauling conditions. Delivery fees are based on address input at the time of check out; however, additional fees may apply based on location and will be reviewed prior to finalization of order (ex: pilot cars, ferry fees, truck routes, etc.) Should your delivery address change between order and delivery date, additional transport costs may apply.

Shipping Charges

All Palouse Ranches products are delivered ready-built and some orders require multiple truckloads. Any shipments over 36′ linear feet (including multi-shelter orders and Farmsteads) must be shipped using the “oversized delivery” option to account for two trailers. Shelter orders that require 3+ loads will require a custom transport quote and manual shipping override. Please note: some two-lane highways require pilot car escorts and islands in Washington state require ferry transport for additional fees. All shipping costs will be verified before finalizing order and any shipping adjustments must be approved by the customer in writing. 

Farmstead Models 

Farmstead model barns arrive in two or three ready-built units. Delivery includes placement of the buildings and installation of ridgecapping / roof flashing (dependent on model). Please refer to site prep requirements to ensure placement is possible. Delays or issues with placement caused by inadequate site prep or inability to reach site may result in additional fees or inability to complete placement. Palouse Ranches is not responsible for site-prep. 


Deliveries are scheduled to (1) hour maximum. If shelter placement takes longer due to the actions of the purchaser, there is an additional charge of $75/ hour after the first hour. Driver(s) will notify of any charges that will be incurred for longer placement times before completing placement. Requests to move existing buildings may be accommodated; however, payment and rate negotiation will occur directly between the purchaser and contracted delivery company. Palouse Ranches will liaison the delivery and placement of newly purchased unit(s) only.

Shelter Placement

Drivers will try their best to place shelters in the desired location; though it is not guaranteed our drivers can safely / reasonably reach your location. If a driver is unable to place the shelter in the purchaser’s preferred location, the purchaser may elect to move the shelter using personal vehicles/equipment.

Long Term Storage

Please notify Palouse Ranches within (7) business days of your order of any issues or delays that may occur based on the estimated production and delivery timeline. Once production is complete and any remaining balance due is paid, your shelter will be scheduled for delivery. If delivery is delayed due to customer request (ex: not ready for delivery due to site prep, moving locations, etc.) additional storage fees may apply at $5/day per shelter. Should Palouse Ranches be unable to reach customer locations due to poor weather, road conditions, etc. no storage fees will apply and delivery will be scheduled when drivers are able to reach customer property


Awnings arrive “down” in the transport position and must be lifted and bolted into the final position once on site. Please notify Palouse Ranches in advance of requests for driver placement of awnings. Please notify of any equipment on site available to assist in placement. Purchaser will need to be on-site for delivery to assist the driver and use personal equipment. If a driver does not have purchaser assistance in awning placement, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to move the awning in the final position

Permits & Regulations

The purchaser is responsible for knowing the building permit requirements of his/her local municipality/county. It is up to the discretion of the purchaser whether or not to obtain a building permit. The seller is not liable for any fees the purchaser may incur for failing to obtain a permit. Palouse Ranches will provide in-house drafted drawings, building engineering services, and materials needed for permitting for an additional fee. Please note that our shelters have a general wind and snow load; however, guaranteed ratings require official plans stamped by our engineering services which are available for Washington, Idaho, and Oregon sales. Our engineered building plans to not include site mapping, foundation elevations, or geo-technical reviews. Please contact our sales staff for pricing. If for any reason we need to pick your shelter up because of permitting issues, there will be a $600 fee and $7/mile. Our shelters are not engineered for human occupancy.


Palouse Ranches is not responsible for anchoring products, ensuring adequate site prep, or verifying they are installed to manufacturer specifications. Please note, though our products are heavy, they can still move during extremely high-wind events and we recommend anchoring. We suggest the shelter be turned to face away from the prevailing wind, which will minimize uplifting internal forces on the roof structure. Contact us for suggested anchoring systems that may work for your site and shelter. These anchors must be purchased separately from third-party vendors and we encourage you to follow exact manufacturer specifications for installation and site prep. Palouse Ranches is not responsible for damages resulting from failed anchors, failure to install anchors, or improper installation of anchoring systems.

Site Prep / Excavation

Palouse Ranches is not responsible for ground prep and is not liable for any damages that occur to purchaser property due to unstable ground conditions. In the event two shelters are placed together and connected with flashing / ridge cap, it is recommended to level and compact the ground surface to avoid uneven settling of structures and ensure a hassle-free installation. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure adequate ground preparation occurs prior to driver arrival and shelter placement. If a driver is installing a ridgecap on a multi-piece unit (ex: Farmstead) and site prep is inadequate / uneven, ridgecap may be left for buyer to install once proper site prep is finalized; however, the driver may not be able to finish installation if the units are sitting on an uneven surface.

Final Payment

The full balance of each shelter is due prior to scheduling delivery. If customer does not remit payment within (30) days of completion or make alternative arrangements with Palouse Ranches, storage fees may apply. Alternative arrangements regarding final payment must be made with Palouse Ranches via writing.

Returned Payment

 If a payment is returned or denied after processing, a $50 returned payment fee will be added to the remaining balance.

Product Warranty

At Palouse Ranches, we stand by our products. If your product has a structural problem with its frame, please contact us. We offer a 5-year non-transferrable warranty on our frames. This warranty shall not apply if this product is damaged by unforeseen and uncontrollable natural events, negligence, or misuse. We offer a (3) day quality guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship to ensure satisfaction upon delivery. After 72 hours, the following frame warranty will apply. Refunds and returns are not accepted.

1. Warranty Coverage: Palouse Ranches offers a 5-year, non-transferrable, non-negotiable warranty on all welds and the pipe frame of its livestock shelters and modular barns. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials related to the welds and pipe frame components only.

2. Exclusions: The following components are not included in the 5-year frame warranty:

  • Roof Materials
  • Wood Siding
  • Roof Purlins
  • Fasteners

3. Warranty Activation: The warranty goes into effect immediately after the 72-hour craftsmanship guarantee period and upon acceptance of the delivered shelter or barn. The 72-hour craftsmanship guarantee is a guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction upon delivery. Depending on the issue, the below warranty zones may apply for repair work deemed necessary for shelter acceptance. Returns and refunds will not be accepted; however, we will ensure the shelter is built to Palouse Ranches specifications and standards, and yours!

4. Refunds and Returns: Once production has begun, refunds and returns will not be accepted. Customers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect their delivered products within the 72-hour guarantee timeframe to identify and report any issues covered.

5. In-House Zone (Within 300 Miles): For customers located within a 300-mile radius of Palouse Ranches’ headquarters, the following warranty services will be provided:

  • In the event of defects or issues covered by the guarantee or warranty, a Palouse Ranches employee will visit the customer’s location to perform necessary repairs or replacements.

6. Outside In-House Zone (Beyond 300 Miles): For customers located outside the 300-mile radius in-house zone, the following services will be provided to perform necessary repairs or replacements.

  • Palouse Ranches will offer a credit to the customer to cover the cost of repairs or replacements of covered components as outlined in the warranty.
  • Alternatively, Palouse Ranches may arrange for a networked contractor to perform the required repairs. A Palouse Ranches employee will not be dispatched for repair in these circumstances.

7. Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for promptly notifying Palouse Ranches of any defects or issues covered by the guarantee or warranty. To initiate a warranty claim, customers should contact Palouse Ranches’ customer service department.

8. Limitations:

  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, improper use, modification, natural disasters, or any cause not directly related to defects in workmanship or materials.
  • Palouse Ranches reserves the right to inspect and verify the reported issues before providing warranty services.
  • Any unauthorized modifications or repairs performed by the customer or third parties may void the warranty.

9. Modifications to the Warranty Policy: Palouse Ranches reserves the right to modify or update this warranty policy at any time. Customers will be informed of any changes in writing.

10. Governing Law: This warranty policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where Palouse Ranches is located.

By accepting the delivery of a Palouse Ranches livestock shelter or modular barn, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this warranty policy.

Returns & Refunds

Orders for portable building(s) may be canceled by the customer at no charge only if production hasn’t started and materials have not been ordered. Once production has begun, a 5% cancellation fee applies for Pasture Kings and Loafing Sheds. For all fully custom builds, Bunkhouse, Ranch House, Farmstead, or Chow Hall models a cancellation fee of 15% of the invoice total will apply once production has begun. Any remaining balance of the deposit (after cancellation fees) will be refunded to the purchaser. If delivery has been made, returns are not accepted.

Need help?

Contact us at info@palouseranches.com for questions related to refunds and returns.

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