Don’t invest in a build you have to leave behind! Invest in the only A-frame style modular barn on the market that can move if & when you do! Boasting tongue & groove siding and up to 6 stalls, our prefab barns are not only durable and portable but they’re also backed by a team of engineers and designers to ensure your build is up to Palouse Ranches standards. Once called our mini-barn, we decided that these expansive builds deserved a bigger title on the farm & dubbed them our Farmstead line!

Our Farmstead models are the top tier of portable livestock shelters providing protection during unfavorable weather and heat, security against large predators, up to 120SF of lockable storage for hay or tack, paddock & pasture access, and breezeway spaces to keep you out of the elements while you work! Our Farmstead horse barns are offered in draft height only to provide comfortable space for even the largest of equine, though they can double as small livestock barns if desired! You can even mix and match stall front styles, paddock access, and more to accommodate everyone in the barnyard.

Unlike any other livestock building on the market, these are not rooted to a foundation and if needed, you can relocate! While these are considered portable buildings, some areas will require building permits and earth anchor systems. Farmsteads purchased for delivery in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon include a full set of electronic blueprints stamped by our partner engineer upon request. Please let us know if you would like a stamped review for your local municipality at the time of order. Engineered builds are then tailored to your local requirements (snow load, wind load, etc). We will work with you, your local code enforcement and our partner engineering firm to ensure your building meets all needs for placement at your property! If you like the features of our Farmstead horse barns but feel like it’s a bit more than you need, check out the Ranch House, Bunkhouse, and Loafing Shed livestock shelters in our collection!


Build-to-Order Farmstead Options

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About Our Ranch Collection

PIPE: Our Ranch Collection models are built with 2-7/8″ (schedule 80) recycled oil pipe (frame, roof joists, and skids). This recycled drill stem pipe is thick, durable, will last a lifetime and is intended to withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

LUMBER: All Palouse Ranches lumber is kiln-dried untreated Doug Fir. Models built before 2024 feature 2″x8″ dimensional lumber. Models built after January 1, 2024 feature a 2″x6″ tongue & groove siding. Both types of siding are ready for your preferred treatment, though we recommend sticking to an oil-based stain (or clear coat), or prime & paint with exterior grade paint! It is unlikely that the dimensional lumber we use will have a uniform appearance. You may see blemishes or waning both styles of lumber, but be assured this is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of your building.

POCKET SYSTEM: Our pocket system holds the lumber in place allowing the boards to flex when moving the building! This allows you to replace a board easily should a farmyard friend get a little extra rowdy!

ROOF TIN: Our 29G Galvalume roofing is durable, easy to customize color, and perfect for rain and snow to slide right off.

HINGES: All door and gate hinges include grease zerk fittings.  If your hinges begin to squeak or they become difficult to swing open, add more grease!

SNOW LOAD: Most base model shelters offer a 60PSF. Our Alpine snow load package is rated for 100PSF. If you need a higher PSF for your region or need engineered plans, please contact us.

Industry leading 5-year frame warranty

10′ inside depth | 10’7″ exterior depth

Roof Material
29G Tuff Rib Metal

Height Options 

*only available in Loafing Shed & Bunkhouse models

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