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Chicken Coops

Pre Built chicken coops with attached run, perfect for any hobby farm. This 8×10 has a 4’ enclosure to lock your chickens up at night. A floor keeps them off the ground, and great places for chicken boxes.

The 6’ run creates a great area to enclose your chickens for the day. A door located outside the run allows you to let your chickens free range for the day.

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Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts may apply. Once we receive your inquiry, one of our sales team member will get in touch to let you know about these details.

Free Delivery on Shelters

Buy one of our shelters and receive free delivery for the first 150 miles. Mileage over 150 miles is subject to additional charge. We deliver up to 400 miles from either shop location. Delivery for livestock equipment is also available. Contact our office for a quote!

Manufacturing Time

Simple shelters have a build time of 3-4 weeks. Custom sheds require 6-7 weeks to build. Please allow 1-2 weeks after that for delivery of shelters.**Peak seasons and poor weather conditions can add extra days to the normal delivery time. Lead time varies.**

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Custom Orders

We welcome custom orders if these product options don't meet your needs. Please request a quote to get started.

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