November 15th, 2021

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Farm for Winter Weather

Even if you’re enjoying pleasant autumn weather, the harsh cold of the winter season should be gnawing at the back of your mind. As winter rapidly approaches, there is much to do to get your farm in order and ready to endure the winter season. To help you get your farm ready, here are four ways to prepare your farm for winter weather.

Prepare the Soil

Using organic material from the fields, gardens, and your animals, you should be creating compost throughout the growing season that’ll be ready to mix into the soil during the fall season. This feeds the soil with nutrients necessary for growth. During the harsh winter, the compost will continue to break down and will be ready for planting as soon as spring hits.

Store Tools and Equipment

The next step to prepare your farm for winter weather is to properly store all your tools and equipment so that they aren’t left to the mercy of the elements. If you don’t have a designated storage shed for all your equipment, then any outbuilding can serve as a storage place provided your equipment fits. It’s critical you do this because precipitation will rust and damage machinery and ruin tools. Furthermore, make sure equipment like garden hoses are fully drained so that there isn’t any water that could freeze within.

Tend To Your Animals

Animals are a bit tougher to prepare and keep comfortable throughout the winter. There is no shortage of livestock equipment necessary for ensuring your livestock are well protected from the elements and provided with enough food and water. For instance, hay feeders are necessary to ensure the livestock food remains safe for them to eat and doesn’t make a massive mess. These feeders are especially important during the fall because they encourage your livestock to eat and maintain a healthy weight for enduring the cold.

Deep Clean the Farm

You don’t want to spend your time in the freezing cold trying to clean up your facilities, especially if they’re buried in snow. You should take advantage of the fair weather now to give your animal shelters, outbuildings, and even your home a deep clean. This will make the winter more pleasant for you and your animals since you’ll be spending far more time indoors.

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