April 20th, 2022

5 Livestock Products You Need To Add to Your Farm

Owning a farm doesn’t just require a fenced area and your livestock of choice; you need to have the essentials to keep your animals safe while generating a profit. The last thing you want is for your livestock to end up sick or harmed by wildlife. Here are five livestock products you need to add to your farm. From there, your animals will live happily while your profits and quality increase over time.

Agricultural Feeding Systems

Depending on the species of livestock you own, you need to make sure they have the proper diet and feeding stations. Ideally, you want to reduce the amount of feed waste and illness while preventing other animals from hurting themselves.

An essential livestock product you need to add to your farm is a proper feeder based on species. If you specialize in breeding calves or lambs, nursing bottles and transition feed will help keep them healthy. Additionally, if you have larger animals on your farm, feeding stations that keep them from overeating will reduce potential waste and ensure proper feeding.

Sanitation Supplies

The last thing you want is a dirty shelter at risk of spreading viruses, as it can result in sick animals or even death. So, it’s important to have the appropriate sanitation supplies like disinfectants and sanitizers to keep livestock healthy.

Additionally, you want to have cleaning stations with items to use on your livestock. Stock your cleaning stations with clippers, shedding combs and brushes, and shampoo dispensers. Animals can fall ill or contract infections, so keep pharmaceutical supplies on hand in case of an emergency.

Livestock Identification Supplies

Confusing your cattle with one another can quickly lead to disorganization and possible harm. Livestock identification supplies can help keep track of each animal without wasting time scrambling. You can find cattle ear tags and tracking systems to keep your livestock organized.

Egg Incubators

If you raise chickens or ducks on your farm, you can quickly become overwhelmed with how many eggs they lay every day. This is especially true when it comes to increasing the size of your livestock or selling fertilized batches of eggs.

One of the most important products for raising chickens is an appropriate egg incubator for fertilized batches. Egg incubators provide insulation and rotation periods while staying quiet and clean.

Livestock Shelters

If you keep your livestock mostly outdoors, it’s essential to have the proper protection and shelter for them when the weather becomes unfavorable. A necessary part of owning outdoor livestock is finding the right farm animal shelters for sale. Shelters will keep them safe from inclement weather and predatory wildlife and help sick animals heal.

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