December 16th, 2021

Keeping Livestock Animals Healthy During Winter Months

Keeping livestock animals healthy during the winter months can be a real challenge for any farmer. The weather becomes harsh and it’s difficult for livestock to roam and graze. To help you keep your animals as comfortable and happy as possible, consider a few of these tips that cover your livestock’s basic needs.


Ensuring your livestock have access to fresh and clean water is the first step to keeping livestock animals during the winter months. Many of the water sources usable in the summer freeze over in the winter. So, to compensate, you either need to put cautionary measures in place to keep the water source from freezing or have alternative services prepared.

Some good options to consider include tank heaters, heated buckets, and automatic waterers. If you use a water source that depends on electricity, however, use a voltmeter to ensure there isn’t a current running through the water. This will deter your animals from drinking.


Give your animals the energy they need to endure cold temperatures by assessing their conditions and body weight. Adjust their diets accordingly so they can thrive despite the temperatures. You may need to increase their feed in accordance with each animal’s body condition. Make sure you have an adequate stock of hay that’s well protected from the elements—otherwise, the snow and ice may turn the hay into slush.


Shelter is crucial for shielding your livestock from the winter’s harsh weather. Check out portable livestock shelters if you need more housing during the winter. Make sure your barn is insulated and in good condition so you can effectively control its climate and keep it well-ventilated. If you don’t, the cold will seep in, and your shelter will become useless.

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