September 14th, 2022

Essential Equipment To Keep Your Livestock Safe

We can’t underestimate the challenge that comes with caring for and raising livestock. Since livestock animals are different species from us with their own issues and necessities, it makes sense that we have to take care of them dynamically. Thankfully, there’s essential equipment we can use that can aid us in keeping our livestock healthy, happy, and safe.

Telephone Numbers

It’s incredibly important to have a list of all the telephone numbers you might need in the event of an emergency or issue. You should include veterinarians, neighbors, employees, local animal shelters, poison control, county extension services, and any other points of contact that might be useful. Moreover, you might consider storing a list of numbers on your phone and having a laminated physical copy.

Stock Crates

A common theme with caring for livestock is that you’ll need to transport them now and again. As such, you must ensure you have durable stock crates. This is the essential equipment you need to help keep your livestock safe. Transporting livestock is no easy task and can result in bruises or injuries if their handlers don’t take the proper precautions. A well-designed stock crate will help minimize the potential for injuries or issues.

Portable Shelter

One thing about livestock is that they will move whenever they feel like it. While it’s incredibly important for your livestock to roam for many reasons, you must also keep up with them. Moreover, many ranchers will utilize rotational grazing to protect their pasture and ensure it’s of high quality for their livestock.

As such, you’ll need a portable, secure, and long-lasting shelter perfect for your livestock. At Palouse Ranches, we have custom-built livestock shelters for sale to suit your specifications. We pride ourselves on durable shelters that you can rely on. Call us today, and we’ll help you bring your ideas to life.

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