May 23rd, 2022

5 Essential Things You Can Do to Keep Your Livestock Happy

All year-round, your farm depends on your efforts and maintenance. It isn’t just about the landscaping and architectural maintenance but also your efforts toward your livestock. Your livestock is what helps your profit and keeps your farm going.

However, when something goes wrong, it creates a domino effect that can quickly overwhelm you and put you behind in your farm care. So, here are five essential things you can do to keep your livestock happy and healthy.

Have Water Readily Accessible

No matter what time of year it is, an essential thing you can do to keep your livestock happy is to provide easily accessible water. Ideally, each cattle should receive one to two gallons of water for every 100 pounds they weigh. Dehydration can occur quickly, especially in the wintertime. Because water freezes over, you must replace water regularly in multiple locations and keep fresh water on hand. You won’t have to worry about colic and impaction by keeping fresh water.

Maintain a Stable Diet

It’s common for your livestock to graze pastures in warmer weather. By doing so, they get access to grass and maintain their diet. However, it’s vital to have a proper diet to access, formulated for their needs. Instead of scattering feeding hay, have an elevated hay feeder to reduce waste and bacteria growth. It’ll result in happier, healthier cattle.

Provide Proper Shelter

While your animals love being outside, it can quickly go sour with extreme temperatures and unexpected storms. You can provide cattle sheds on skids that offer portability and shelter for your cattle. The last thing you want is not to be prepared for storms, leaving your cattle sick. So, invest in a good cover to keep them warm and comfortable.

Maintain Livestock Comfortability

As previously mentioned, shelters help livestock be comfortable and healthy from unexpected storms and weather. Besides shelters, have access to cozy spaces for each animal’s needs. Provide shaded areas for sunny weather, provide medication and isolated spaces for sick livestock, and comfortable areas for them to lay in your sheds. Additionally, milking cows needs their skin nourished and cared for in case of cracking or sore skin.

Easy Outdoor Access

Livestock tends to prefer being outside rather than inside. So, ensure that your outdoor area is accessible to your livestock. Grazing and getting fresh air will help reduce anxiety and stress and promote happier moods for your animals. The last thing you want is your livestock being depressed, sick, or lacking energy.

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