June 4th, 2024

Happy Herd: Farmstead Barn Review

We’re sharing our happy herd stories! This one is from Andy in Tetonia, ID:

“Excellent construction and service! Highly recommended!

I seldom take the time to write reviews. I should take time to write more for those great businesses that I have used, but the Palouse Ranches barn that I purchased has motivated me to write this one.

From the start Corina, in their sells and service, was so helpful listening to my needs and budget, then walking me through the design options that met both. When making such a large purchase from a company I found online, I was nervous not to know them, not to have seen their buildings in person, and then fear of getting delivery of a sub-standard structure. None of this occurred. On top of that, when my barn was delivered one of my latches on the entry door did not align correctly, and Corina had a welder there within a couple days who fixed it quickly at no cost to me. That is service!

I ordered the Farmstead 3 stall with tack room. In the header it says, “mini barn”, but it is a spacious barn with plenty of room in the breezeway for moving 3 horses around. My fairer shoes my horses out of the weather with plenty of room in the breezeway, and there is room to store some bales of hay and bales of bedding. The tack room is plenty large enough to store all my tack for 3 horses, grain, supplements, and miscellaneous tools for working around the barn. The tack room has a floor that keeps all your supplies off the ground, clean and easy to keep swept out.

I worked with Corina on choosing the right doors and options. I chose all sliding doors on the interior and exterior for walk outs. This makes it easy to leave them open for horses to access the fenced walkouts that I attached on both sides of barn, and to access the stalls from breezeway.

I used a compacted crushed gravel pad for the barn, and my walkouts, and put mats down in stalls and breeze way, which has worked great. I highly recommend that you have your pad done by someone who can make sure it is level. This makes the sliding doors operate wonderfully. The delivery went so easily and quickly. The delivery guys were very professional and able to have my barn set on the pad and connected the ridge line all within two hours. They were also great guys!

My Farmstead Barn did excellent in the snow. The walls and roof are so solid! I purchased my barn last Fall, and I was concerned about the snow load and how it would hold up at my 6000-foot elevation horse property. I can attest to Palouse’s word it does hold up with no issues. They also provided all the details I needed to get my building permit easily, from the architectural specifications to anchoring requirements. I highly recommend sliding doors if you live in snow country if you get a big snow overnight, you do not have to dig out your doors to get in.

I have yet to find anything wrong with my barn and plan to order my loafing sheds next.”

If you’re ready to join Andy and the thousands of other customers in our happy herd, contact us today! We build our Farmstead and Grandview barns seasonally to allow optimal installation conditions during warmer weather. These two and three part barns are available for order from January – June. June 30, 2024 is the last day to order a Farmstead or Grandview for 2024 placement. Orders after June 30th will be put into our 2025 production queue!

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