May 6th, 2022

5 Purposes of Heavy-Duty Hay Feeders You Need To Know

Going about your farming routine requires a lot of work. You must ensure that your livestock is safe and has enough food to keep them satiated and healthy. So, to prevent hay waste and bacterial growth, you invest in a heavy-duty hay feeder. What are the benefits of heavy-duty feeders, and do they keep your livestock healthy? Let’s look at five purposes of heavy-duty hay feeders you need to know.

Easier Cleaning

It’s no secret that feeding livestock is a messy matter. Hay gets everywhere, your clothes get covered in debris, and it can be time-consuming. One of the purposes of heavy-duty hay feeders you need to know is that it helps cut down feeding time and makes for easier cleaning. For example, portable cattle hay feeders make it easier to roll out the food toward the livestock and allow them to eat without making huge messes.

Saves on Hay Waste

Feeding your livestock hay can quickly become an expensive endeavor. You can’t predict how much hay goes to waste or becomes unsanitary from bacteria with traditional feeders. One of the purposes of heavy-duty hay feeders is to reduce hay waste and save you money in the long run. It will keep your livestock full and reduce the amount of hay fallout.

Provides Durability

A hay feeder with “heavy-duty” in the name can handle all kinds of obstacles and terrain. No matter how many animals crowd the hay feeder, heavy-duty hay feeders can handle it. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart after the first day of use.

Prevents Livestock Trampling

When you have a livestock feeder that’s either too small or can’t handle a lot of animals at once, there’s a chance of injury. There’s a higher chance of crowding with smaller livestock feeders, resulting in trampling, stomping, and bodily injury. A heavy-duty hay feeder has designated windows for animals to slip their heads in and eat when they’re ready. It keeps the animals organized without needing to push or shove.

Reduced Respiratory Effects

When your livestock eats off the ground, there’s a higher chance dirt and sand will get caught in their bodies. Additionally, because they are shoving their faces into hay, they also have more respiratory effects from dust inhalation. Heavy-duty feeders reduce the chance of foreign material consumption and limit their reach for eating hay.

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