Rent to Own and Financing Options

We offer our livestock equipment financing options through the platform Hearth. They are a customer financing solution platform that helps customers find a loan for their projects. As a personal loan, Hearth does require you to have pre-approval and credit information, but you can get pre-approved without affecting your credit score. This option is great for livestock equipment financing and can be used for any of our products—especially when they also offer 0% credit card options to those that qualify—so you can rest assured that we are striving to provide our customers with the best livestock equipment financing available. Thanks to Hearth, we can offer high-quality livestock equipment at fair and equitable prices as well as provide assistance to farms and ranches that need a helping hand.

My Shed Rental is the company we use for all our rent-to-own contracts and is for shelters only. Rent-to-own includes benefits, like not requiring a credit check, and they have 24-, 36-, and 48-month terms available to best fit your needs.

My Shed Rental’s process is completed with three easy steps.

  1. Please Call or email us to discuss deposits and monthly payment options. If you want to move forward with rent to own, we will provide you with a contract that you can review before completing and signing
  2. After signing, you will make an initial deposit to us.
  3. You’ll begin to pay for your shelter 30 days after your delivery date.

For more information regarding Rent to own, please read over there frequently asked questions here ! To request rent-to-own numbers and information on any type of shelter, or if you have any questions regarding our financial planning services, please call or email us today! We will always be happy to work with you and ensure you have a clear understanding of every step of the process so that you can find the best solution for you.


Get started with your financing application or learn more about the available options here:

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