January 18th, 2022

What Livestock Equipment You Need To Raise Beef Cattle

Raising beef cattle livestock requires research, expertise, and management skills to be successful. Livestock enterprises have different resources, including land, feed, labor, or capital. The better the quality of resources you have for your beef cattle, the better beef quality you provide to your business partners. Raising beef cattle will bring you closer to success and a high reputation with the necessary management skills.

So, knowing what livestock equipment you need to raise beef cattle will allow for healthy animals that can keep your business going. It will also reduce safety risks and catch unwanted illnesses, keeping your beef cattle happy.

Livestock Feeders

As long as you keep your livestock fed, they’ll remain happy. However, beef cattle still require a specific diet that prevents them from eating off the ground. Some well-designed feeders reduce food waste. Additionally, by keeping feed off the ground, there’s a lesser chance of contracting parasite infections.

Some of the livestock equipment you need to raise beef cattle so they can stay healthy and in their prime includes proper feeders. There are also many different designs and styles you can choose from, accommodating for feeding hay and grain. Make sure to find a formula that’s a good-quality mineral mix formulated for their needs. You can even find portable cattle hay feeders that make transporting feed around the pasture easy.

Pasture Systems

Livestock cattle should rotate between different subsections of the pasture every few days, especially after 4 inches of forage has become grazed down. It isn’t uncommon for mature cows and bulls to graze pastures during the warmer seasons. So, make sure that fields have proper heights and distances.

By using proper location rotation, nutrients from manure will get spread out in the pasture, assuring resource efficiency. Lastly, keeping predators out is a massive priority in keeping your livestock safe and happy. So, having the necessary protection along the pasture will allow for safety.

Options for Water

Water keeps every creature alive. As long as you provide water to your livestock cattle, it will impact feed consumption. The less water you have, the less the livestock will eat and perform.

Keeping your livestock cattle hydrated is incredibly important if you use buckets, troughs, or automatic water supplies. The water should remain clean and fresh, as well as available at all times. So, don’t jip out on giving your cattle good quality water.

Healthcare Equipment

Providing the necessary health equipment will help in preventing disease in your livestock. Tagging, dehorning, vaccinating, castrating, and deworming are all necessary practices that keep the cattle healthy and in good shape. Tagging helps with identification in case you need to isolate one of them for recovery. Making sure you have the necessary tools to keep your livestock happy will help a long way.

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