September 26th, 2022

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your Chickens From Predators

One of the most significant challenges with keeping chickens is ensuring their protection from predators. As you care for your animals, you tend to bond with them, which is why it can feel so devastating when a predator eats them. As such, you want to do everything in your power to keep that from happening. Here are some effective ways to protect your chickens from predators.

Pinpoint the Predator

Predators have different habits, activity levels, and behaviors. It is incredibly advantageous to identify and pinpoint the type of predator that lurks, waiting to strike. Once you know your most common predators, you can take unique actions to protect your chickens.

Disguise Your Run

One of the most effective ways to protect your chickens from predators is to hide them. Predators cannot attack your chickens if they can’t find them. As such, consider covering your run with hardy cloth, a roof, or netting that makes it quite difficult for predators to infiltrate.

Good Defense

Chickens will be subject to a wide range of predators, as they are easy meals that can be quite simple to catch. That is why you must ensure a high-quality, durable fence to protect your chickens. The best offense is always a good defense.

At Palouse Ranches, we specialize in hand-crafting tough products meant to last. When you use our livestock barns and shelters, you can trust that your chickens will have the best defensive structures to protect them from harm.

Protector Animal

While humans have adequate senses of sight and sound, they pale compared to animal senses. You have likely noticed your animals are always on constant alert, listening for sounds of danger lurking nearby. A guardian animal is a fantastic addition to your farm. It will protect your chickens, scare predators away, and alert you of the happenings when you are far away.

Close at Dusk

A lot of predators are most active at night, and your chickens are most vulnerable during this time. As such, you must make a habit of closing all doors to the coop and run as soon as dusk falls. Moreover, you might consider the installation of electronic doors that automatically close on a timer.


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