Industry Leading 5-Year Frame Warranty

Product Warranty

At Palouse Ranches, we stand by our products. If your product has a structural problem with its frame, please contact us. Orders placed after January 1, 2020 have a 5-year non-transferrable frame warranty. This warranty shall not apply if this product is damaged by unforeseen and uncontrollable natural events, negligence, or misuse. We offer a (3) day quality guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship to ensure satisfaction upon delivery. This guarantee does not cover issues resulting from improper site prep or placement. After 72 hours, the 5-year frame warranty will apply. Refunds and returns are not accepted.

1. Warranty Coverage: Palouse Ranches offers a 5-year, non-transferrable, non-negotiable warranty on all welds and the pipe frame of its livestock shelters and modular barns. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials related to the welds and pipe frame components only.

  • Hinges Maintenance:

Palouse Ranches shelters are equipped with grease zirks on the hinges for smooth operation. Routine maintenance, including greasing hinges on any moving parts such as doors, feed windows, awnings, etc., is recommended. Palouse Ranches shall not be held responsible for damages resulting from misuse or lack of maintenance. Failure to perform routine hinge maintenance may result in hinges seizing up.

In the event of a hinge seizure, customers are required to contact Palouse Ranches for assistance and must refrain from attempting to force the hinge open. Damage caused by prying or forcing the hinge open will not be covered under the warranty. Customers are urged to contact Palouse Ranches immediately for assistance, as repairs to address the seized hinge may be covered under our frame warranty.

2. Exclusions: The following components are not included in the 5-year frame warranty:

  • Roof Materials
  • Wood Materials: siding, roof purlins/joists, splitting, warping, twisting, or discoloring due to expansion/contraction or weather elements
  • Roof Purlins
  • Fasteners
  • Building settling / re-leveling and/or component issues that arise from natural settling

3. Warranty Activation: The warranty goes into effect immediately after the 72-hour craftsmanship guarantee period and upon acceptance of the delivered shelter or barn. The 72-hour craftsmanship guarantee is a guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction upon delivery. Depending on the issue, the below warranty zones may apply for repair work deemed necessary for shelter acceptance. Returns and refunds will not be accepted; however, we will ensure the shelter is built to Palouse Ranches specifications and standards, and yours!

4. In-House Zone (Within 300 Miles): For customers located within a 300-mile radius of Palouse Ranches’ headquarters, the following warranty services will be provided:

  • In the event of defects or issues covered by the guarantee or warranty, a Palouse Ranches employee will visit the customer’s location to perform necessary repairs or replacements.

5. Outside In-House Zone (Beyond 300 Miles): For customers located outside the 300-mile radius in-house zone, the following services will be provided to perform necessary repairs or replacements.

  • Palouse Ranches will offer a credit to the customer to cover the cost of repairs or replacements of covered components as outlined in the warranty.
  • Alternatively, Palouse Ranches may arrange for a networked contractor to perform the required repairs. A Palouse Ranches employee will not be dispatched for repair in these circumstances.

6. Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for promptly notifying Palouse Ranches of any defects or issues covered by the guarantee or warranty. In the event of a structural issue customers are required to contact Palouse Ranches for assistance. Detailed photos will be required to consider a claim. Contact Palouse Ranches immediately for assistance, as repairs to address the frame issue may be covered under the warranty; however, damage or destruction from attempts to relocate or make a third-party (or DIY) repair will void the warranty.

To initiate a warranty claim, customers should contact Palouse Ranches’ customer service department.

7. Limitations:

  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, improper use, modification, natural disasters, or any cause not directly related to defects in workmanship or materials.
  • Palouse Ranches reserves the right to inspect and verify the reported issues before providing warranty services.
  • Any unauthorized modifications or repairs performed by the customer or third parties may void the warranty.

8. Modifications to the Warranty Policy: Palouse Ranches reserves the right to modify or update this warranty policy at any time. Customers will be informed of any changes in writing.

9. Governing Law: This warranty policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where Palouse Ranches is located.

By accepting the delivery of a Palouse Ranches livestock shelter or modular barn, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions and warranty policy.

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