Portable Shelter Reference Guide

  • Stall Fronts
  • Back Doors
  • Heights / Depths
  • Pocket System
  • Tipped Ends
  • Snow Load
  • Walls & Gates
  • Dividers

You’ll notice on our Ranch House and Farmstead model shelters we offer three different style stall fronts.  The default door location is on the left-hand side when looking at the shelter.  The sliding stall fronts include a bar top & wood bottom on both door and wall and are the most popular choice for our pre-built horse stalls.  The 50/50 stall front is a bit more enclosed with only the sliding door offering bars on top & wood on the bottom.  Our swinging double dutch is the most secure of them all and is great for smaller animals needing the most extreme predator protection!

We offer a few additional doors & gates on our various models within the Ranch Collection.  Add in a Feed Door to the back wall of your portable livestock shelter for easy access at dinner time!  We also offer sliding 4′ man doors and swinging 4′ double dutch doors.  If you aren’t looking for a fully enclosed front like a stall front, add a 6′ wall and 6′ gate to your build (see below)!  The back door default location is to the left of each stall.

We offer three heights in our Ranch Collection.  Some builds may only come in our Draft & Standard height; however, we do offer Loafing Sheds & Bunkhouses in our Lowline size.  We recommend the Draft height for extra tall horses and the Lowline is perfect for cattle and smaller animals.  If your critter is the Goldilocks of the pasture, the Standard height might be just right for you!  All of our shelters are 10′ deep (inside dimension); however, our 10′ shelters are about 10’7″ on the exterior with pipe and siding factored in.

Palouse Ranches pre-built livestock sheds and modular barns are unique in many ways — one being how easily you can replace a broken piece of siding!  Our walls are built with a pocket system so the 2″x8″ boards slide right in and stack on top of one another. NOTE: New shelter models built after January 1, 2024 will be built with 2″x6″ kiln-dried Doug Fir tongue & groove siding featuring the same pocket system as before.

Noticed the turned-up pipe ends on each side of our builds?  Those are our tipped ends! Our portable livestock shelters are heavy-duty and range in weight from 2,300 lbs to more than 7,000 lbs. They are built on skids with tipped ends for easy relocation. A mid-sized or larger tractor, or a 3/4 ton or larger pickup can pull any size of shelter. A chain is hooked to the bars on the tipped ends and the shelter is simply pulled along the ground to a new place.

Our steel-framed livestock buildings are considered portable; however, we do work alongside an engineer to ensure above-average snow load & wind load ratings even on our base model shelters. Given the nature of a portable unit, site conditions, terrain, and ground prep may vary across your property and these factors do have an effect on the structure’s load ratings. Unlike stick-built and wood pole buildings, our welded steel frames and pocket walls have a bit of flex built in to ensure they’re towable across your pasture and property without damage to the structure. These livestock shelters are very durable and can withstand extreme elements, however; it is recommended to add our additional alpine roof package and source earth anchors for units placed in regions with high snow and wind load requirements.  Additionally, it is always recommended to keep excess snow removed from your shelter to avoid any damage or injury.

In the event your county zoning requires a permit for your building with an official snow and wind rating, we are happy to help! We have engineered builds in areas requiring 100+PSF and 100+MPH wind loads.  We will work with you, your county, and our partner engineering firm to design and submit official plans with build criteria rated for your specific address.  For more information on our engineering services and site planning, please visit our FAQ.  Feel free to contact us with questions or for a copy of our design fee schedule to start the process for a permitted structure.

These compliment our gate options wonderfully!  We can add a bit of added protection from the elements in our Bunkhouse model with added 6′ front walls and optional 6′ gates.  The default placement of our front gates is to the left of each shelter and walls default to the right-hand side when looking at the peak side of the building.

Wondering what the difference is in our divider options?  We offer a solid wood wall or bar top model in many of our Ranch Collection builds.  Check out the Bunkhouse, Ranchouse, and Farmstead for more photos and to build your stalls out today!

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