About Palouse Ranches

Palouse Ranches was founded in 2017 when Jaret Dorey and his family found they had a need for practical shelters for cows. Their goal was to build a portable shelter for their own calf-rearing operation that was durable enough to move every day. Soon others in the community became interested in these heavy-duty and easy-to-maintain livestock shelters and a business was born.  Since then, the Palouse Ranches has built & delivered over 2,000 shelters, the product lines continue to grow, and we can proudly say we’re designed by ranchers and backed by Engineers. 

We now have two locations that work together to bring the Pacific Northwest quality prebuilt livestock housing and hand-crafted modular horse barns. We are thankful for the first customers who gave us the opportunity to serve them, as well as all of those who have since trusted us to help them improve their livestock operations!

Why Palouse Ranches?

an abundant life.

We create a work environment that empowers and enriches the lives of our team, while also fostering a sense of abundance through our durable, functional, and beautiful shelters that complement our customers’ rural lifestyles.

Embracing perpetual growth and development, staying curious, and adapting to evolving knowledge and skills.

Acknowledging achievements without arrogance and valuing the contributions of others.

Fostering openness and clarity in communication, ensuring honesty, and providing easily accessible information.

Taking full responsibility for one’s actions, projects, and outcomes, demonstrating a proactive and accountable attitude.

Acting promptly and adaptively to the needs and inquiries of customers, situations, and the team.

Reviews & Testimonials

“We took the time to go visit the Prosser location before we made up our minds to order. I am so glad we did because once we got our hands on a shelter it was a no brainer! This thing will last forever! Though the pictures on the website are detailed and really great, they do not due justice to how these shelters are made.
We Ordered a 10×16 standard shelter for our 2 horses. We were desperate for a shelter before the weather turned! A pleasant surprise came, our shelter was built and ready for delivery early! The delivery was earlier than expected as well. And thank goodness because the cold and rain showed up just a week later. When you see the pictures you will know someone is looking out for us for all of it to come together the way it did! I am so thankful to you build guys for pushing hard to get things done and to your admin team for making it so easy to make payments and for the lightning fast communication. I am also thankful to the delivery team who honored their delivery time for us even thought it made for a long day. And last but not least my horses are SO thankful for a safe dry space to eat be dry and lay down.”

– Tina P.

“We are so excited to receive the 3 beautiful sheds! They are so sturdy, well-built, and beautiful. They blend into our property so nicely. Most importantly, we have peace of mind for our animals’ well-being, too! The delivery men, Neal and Trevor were fantastic – super polite, very talented, and very helpful…..We send our sincere thanks to you for all of your wonderful help! Please send our sincere gratitude to the craftsmen who made these for us.”

– Cate & Ron

“We were looking for a reasonable barn for our three horses, came across Palouse Ranches. We had them build us a three stall barn with a tack room. They were so wonderful to work with and they answered all our questions and we had lots. They put our minds at ease with delivery and how it would go. They even had our barn done two weeks early. I would definitely recommend them to all my horse friends and farm animal friends.”

– Kelly S.

“We had a great experience with Palouse. Very customer oriented. We are very impressed with the quality of our new shelter. Delivery was a snap also.”

– David B.

“We now have 3 Palouse Ranches shelters. Great experience from beginning to end. Love the product, it’s tough and can be moved around with a tractor or truck. Looks good too!”

– Michelle C.


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