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PIPE: Our Ranch Collection models are built with 2-7/8″ (schedule 80) recycled oil pipe (frame, roof joists, and skids). This recycled drill stem pipe is thick, durable, will last a lifetime and is intended to withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

LUMBER: All Palouse Ranches lumber is kiln-dried untreated Doug Fir. Models built before 2024 feature 2″x8″ dimensional lumber. Models built after January 1, 2024 feature a 2″x6″ tongue & groove siding. Both types of siding are ready for your preferred treatment, though we recommend sticking to an oil-based stain (or clear coat), or prime & paint with exterior grade paint! It is unlikely that the dimensional lumber we use will have a uniform appearance. You may see blemishes or waning both styles of lumber, but be assured this is normal and will not affect the structural integrity of your building.

POCKET SYSTEM: Our pocket system holds the 2″x8″ or 2″x6″ lumber in place allowing the boards to flex when moving the building! This allows you to replace a board easily should a farmyard friend get a little extra rowdy!

ROOF TIN: Our 29G Galvalume roofing is durable, easy to customize color, and perfect for rain and snow to slide right off. For snow load information, visit our Reference Guide

HINGES: All door and gate hinges include grease zerk fittings.  If your hinges begin to squeak or they become difficult to swing open, add more grease!

Our teams work diligently to build your livestock shelter as quickly as possible. We believe in the value of your investment and handcraft each quality-made, lasting shelter. This may result in longer lead times during peak seasons with high order volume. Additionally, our delivery is contracted with regional logistics teams and inclement weather/road conditions can delay transport.

Our typical lead times for ready-to-ship shelters is 2 weeks max but may be longer in peak seasons. We deliver all across the Pacific Northwest. Most times our delivery range is within Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.  Extended lead times may apply for areas in California, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.

Built-to-order shelters in our Ranch Collection take 4-12 weeks to delivery depending on model and complexity of order.

It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm building code requirements, HOA rules, permit requirements, and any setback requirements that may apply. In the event your county zoning requires a permit for your portable livestock building, we are happy to help! We will work with you, your county, and our partner engineering firm to submit building plans with criteria rated for your specific address.  Please note, that site mapping, geo-technical consultations, foundation/footing elevation plans, and excavation services may required on a case-by-case basis based on county requirements. Additional engineering may be contracted via third-party; however, this is not included in our building purchase and is not the responsibility of Palouse Ranches to provide. Please contact us and we will get you our design fee schedule and start the process for a permitted structure. Should failure to comply with any requirements result in order cancellation or return fees may apply. Please review our terms & conditions for details.

All Palouse Ranches products are delivered by contracted drivers. Delivery scheduling is subject to the driver’s schedule and current weather/road conditions. In the winter, delivery may be delayed due to the closure of passes and unsafe hauling conditions.

Drivers will try their best to place your livestock structure in the desired location; though it is not guaranteed our drivers can safely / reasonably reach your location. If a driver is unable to place the shelter in the purchaser’s preferred location, the purchaser may elect to move the shelter using personal vehicles/equipment.  Our portable livestock shelters have tow points for ease of moving around your property.  See our Reference Guide for more info on the tipped end tow points!

Deliveries are scheduled to (1) hour maximum. If shelter placement takes longer due to the actions of the purchaser, there is an additional charge of $75/ hour after the first hour. Driver(s) will notify of any charges that will be incurred for longer placement times before completing placement.

Awnings arrive “down” in the transport position and must be lifted and bolted into the final position once on site. Please notify Palouse Ranches in advance of requests for driver placement of awnings. Please notify us of any equipment on site available to assist in placement. Purchaser will need to be on-site for delivery to assist the driver and use personal equipment. If a driver does not have purchaser assistance in awning placement, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to move the awning in the final position.

Clean the site of all debris (tree stumps, shrubs, plants, dog waste, trash, etc.) and create a clear pathway to and from where our delivery vehicle must drive.  Our shelters are 10’7″ deep (exterior); however, it is recommended to have at least 12′ clearance for all gates, driveways, etc. to ensure the transport vehicle has appropriate access.

Please make sure an adult is able to meet the crew and show them where to place your structure.

We recommend staining, painting, or using a clear coat to preserve your siding as soon as it’s on-site because the wood is raw. Oil-based stain is what most customers use and love!

While we strive to make our livestock buildings protective against the elements, they are not water/airtight. You may experience gapping in your wood siding as the shelter ages. If the wood siding shrinks simply unscrew & push the top board down (you may need to remove 2″x4″ or flatbar interior strapping). Occasionally enough room forms that another board can be added in to fill the gap!  There are gaps at the top and bottom of your portable shelter for added ventilation.

A mid-sized or larger tractor, or a 3/4 ton or larger pickup can pull any size of portable livestock shelter. A chain is hooked to the bars on the tipped ends and the structure is simply pulled along the ground to a new place.  Our portable farm buildings weigh between 2,300 – 7,000lbs depending on size and add ons.  Please contact our customer service team for info on your shelter weight!

Our current terms & conditions, information on our 72 hour craftsmanship guarantee, and 5-year frame warranty can be found here. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please email for assistance. When you check out (via phone or website), you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.

Palouse Ranches is not responsible for anchoring products, ensuring adequate site prep, or verifying they are installed to manufacturer specifications. Please note, though our products are heavy, they can still move during extremely high-wind events and we recommend anchoring. We suggest the shelter be turned to face away from the prevailing wind, which will minimize uplifting internal forces on the roof structure. Contact us for suggested anchoring systems that may work for your site and shelter. These anchors must be purchased separately from third-party vendors and we encourage you to follow exact manufacturer specifications for installation and site prep. Palouse Ranches is not responsible for damages resulting from failure to install or improper installation of anchoring systems. Contact our Sales Team for further details and where to purchase appropriately sized anchors.

Palouse Ranches is not responsible for ground prep and is not liable for any damages that occur to customer property due to unstable ground conditions.

Most Palouse Ranches builds are intended to be placed out in the pasture and don’t require a perfectly level site for placement. That being said, the more level site you pick for the Pasture King, Loafing Shed, Bunkhouse, Chow Hall, and Ranch House models, the better! For optimal placement, place Farmstead and Grandview models on a concrete pad.

In the event two shelters are placed together like the modular horse barn Farmstead line, we’ll connect the roofline with a ridge cap at no extra cost! It is HIGHLY recommended to level and compact the ground surface for the best possible installation conditions. Palouse Ranches may make recommendations for site prep and anchor type; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to research necessary site-prep requirements per county zoning and install anchors per manufacturer specifications. In some counties, concrete anchoring may require additional pad engineering/site plan detail and is not the responsibility of Palouse Ranches. Failure to provide adequate site prep may result in the inability to install or uneven installation of ridge cap, gapping between multi-part buildings, door swing / sliding issues, and uneven settling of each side of the structure. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure adequate ground preparation occurs before driver arrival and shelter placement. Please review any county requirements for site prep. In the event ground prep has not been completed by the delivery day your shelters or barns will be placed as close as possible; however, installation and placement are not guaranteed.

We deliver assembled buildings & that comes with rules of the road! To minimize transport costs for our customers, we build our stalls just under the”oversized load” depth set on most highways. Our standard stall size is a 10′ deep x 12′ long interior dimensions (10’7″ deep x 12’6″ long exterior) providing ample space for most horses. If you need an oversized stall for draft horses or as a foaling space, call us for a custom quote!

A 10’x20′ Loafing Shed is usually sufficient for three horses to get out of the weather and our 10’x12′ stalls in the rest of the Ranch Collection are great for a single horse or a few smaller critters. If you’re looking at a shared space and have horses who follow a strict pecking order, here are some tips for shelter ordering for horses:

  1. Buy longer rather than wider. The more room there is, the harder it is for one horse to keep out the others.
  2. It can be better to buy several smaller livestock shelters rather than one long shelter. They can be spaced out around the pasture, allowing each horse a chance to seek shelter.
  3. Set up a feeding area outside of the shelters. It is best if your horses do not come to associate food with shelter as horses in a pecking order can be very territorial over food.

A PDF version of our Ranch Collection can be found here.

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